Conditions we treat

Pain Management

 Headache( Migraine and Tension);  TMJ Disorder; Frozen Shoulder;  Joint Pain;  Low Back pain; Piriformis Syndrome; Plantar Fasciitis

Sport Injury

   Tendonitis;  Muscle Strain; Ligament Sprain;Concussion;Tennis Elbow; Golf Elbow;  Fracture Recovery; Patellofemoral  Syndrome

Neurological Disorder

 Anxiety, Depression;Stress; Facial palsy; Post Stroke Rehabilitation; Concussion Syndrome

Reproductive Disorder

 Impotence, Infertility​;   Polycystic Ovaries;    Post Menopausal; Pre-menstrual Syndrome;   Chronic Urinary Tract Infection 


   Gastroptosis; Gastritis; Gastric Hyper-acidity;  Chronic Duodenal Ulcer; Constipation, Diarrhea; Vomiting and Indigestion 


  Breastfeeding Consultant;Insomnia; Boost Immune system ; Weight Control; Smoking Cessation;   Cancer complementary ​​